Invest in the cryptoworld

the smartest way !

We provide an alternative investment product covering digital assets to qualified and professional investors.


Our vision

We are convinced that blockchain is the 4th industrial revolution, changing in a sustainable way systems of transaction and ownership in all sectors (finance, energy, fashion, art, justice, etc.).

Beeside’s goal is to offer to qualified and professional investors an investment product dedicated to this industry while providing a simplified reading of a complex universe.

"Thinking you're too late to get into blockchain is like thinking you're too late to get into the internet."

Roger Ver

Investment strategy

We are convinced that the best investment strategy is a mix between holding and trading.
We hold key crypto assets like Bitcoin on a long-term perspective and we trade a wide range of crypto assets based on newsflow and strategic analysis.

Top market capitalisation

We invest in the top 30 crypto assets, projects with strong background, validated fundamentals, intrinsic characteristics
and established positions.

New small capitalisation

We source, evaluate and invest in early stage projects thanks to the combination of business, technological, trading skills and crypto-network.


Thanks to our traditional trading background, we seize short and mid-term opportunities using chart analysis along with strict risk-management.


Use deep understanding of crypto fundamental mechanisms as cryptography, game theory and macro-economy to take long term positions.

Why invest with us ?

All our traders have performed careers on traditional equity trading desk in Paris and New-York, insuring rigorous knowledge of trading fundamentals.

Some of them went through main financial crisis, including the internet bubble in the early 2000 and the 2008 subprime crisis; giving maturity in analyzing and trading those markets.

Trading cryptos for at least 4 years, they have built over time a deep knowledge of this market mechanisms; as well as a highly qualitative network of peers and industry professionals.

These unique combinations of traditional and crypto skills supported by an encouraging track record allows us to be confident in our ability to deliver stable results, even in turbulent markets.

Easy to use and safe.

Just connect to our webapp on your browser, you don’t need to download another app
Easy onboarding thanks to a frictionless UX/UI experience
Follow your investment and track your performance
Learn on technologies behind
top crypto assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to be a qualified or professional investor. Participation is subject to acceptance by our compliance department.

Based on our benchmark, market opportunity and personal experience, a crypto fund can generate 30% Annual Percentage Yield maintaining a benefit-risk balance.

We believe in cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment opportunity. We recommend a holding period between 2 to 5 years.

Beeside requires an ID, a Proof of address and a Tax identification number. After verification, the onboarding will be confirmed by a financial advisor.